As reported in different platforms of engagement with users of the Hospital services, Community, Parents and friends of the patients Housed within the Hospital, the institution recently conducted a successful relocation of patients across different wards as part of the future bed utilization.

The relocation process came as a result of the ageing and progressing inhabitable infrastructure that poses risks to both the patients and staff in respective units while the shrinking budget and high operational costs to maintain the hospital's total quality of care in all the units were also some of the reasons cited for the relocation of patients across different wards.  

Collectively the Nursing Directorate made sure that they execute the process that was divided in three different phases being ward 08, second phase: 11 & 6 and ultimately ward 10 as the third phase. “Collectively with employees in the affected wards we made sure that we refocus on the task for the month and indeed we executed it diligently without any risks, of course when we work as part of team everyone does his her allocated task and by the third week of June we had already finished relocating all the patients as per plan” said Sr Mpho Gorekwang Acting Nursing Services Manager.

“All the patients care areas that patients were relocated from will be closed off as a result, there will be buildings within the institution that are not being used and that on it’s own poses more risks again as they would then be vandalised however we further request business organisations as part of their C.S.I initiatives around the province to partner with the Hospital in some of the Adopt a ward projects that will see us revamping some of them and ultimately putting them to good use in the future as dictated by the institutional future bed utilization” reiterated the Hospital Board Chairperson Mr Sam Louw

“We also want to reassure the community members at large, Friends and family members of the patients being housed at the Hospital that management and staff in respective units particularly in units where there were changes that we will continue to offer excellent services while using the resources at our disposal, the level of services had not changed , the relocation was a strategy to better our excellent specialised patient care” reiterated Mrs Naledi- Mocwaledi-Senyane, Chief Executive Officer.


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All patients who had been taken out for a day of leave should be brought back before 16:00.

No visitors are allowed after 20:00 at M/R and Rehab

 No Visors allowed after 19:00 at Psych Unit