As per Lekgotla resolutions there is a need to expose the Hospital Brand to Communities within the Hospital's footprint as well as educating while informing all about the Institution and processes as well as tackling the stigma associated with Mental Illness and Psychiatry in General.

In addition to the outreaches by different clinical disciplines to Clinics and other Health care facilities, the Occupational Health and safety team conducted road shows in an aid to also eradicate the stigma through information and education sessions to communities and the first stop was Bagodi ba Tshepang a group of elders in Ikageng who meet on a daily basis to do Community work for the less privileged around Ikageng Extensions.

Health Screenings where done but what was critical for the day was sharing of information about the Hospital, referral processes, different clinics as well as the new units that are being build at the Hospital.

“I lived most of my life in Potchefstroom and i have always thought that, Witrand was only for those that can afford their services, today i was taught that we all have access to Health care as long as we follow the right processes that were explained, what i heard today will be shared with my family when i get home said the excited Mme Nomasele Zulu”

“ It is real back to basics for us we are refocusing our energies on improving service delivery, Public Image while Nurturing the external Relations and participative Health care environment while curbing the stigma associated with Mental Illness and Psychiatry and we are continuing to make visits to schools and other community structures reiterated Sr Gorekwang Operational Manager Occuaptional Heath and Safety at the Hospital.


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All patients who had been taken out for a day of leave should be brought back before 16:00.

No visitors are allowed after 20:00 at M/R and Rehab

 No Visors allowed after 19:00 at Psych Unit